Joy Jo

Joy Jo is a professional abstract expressionist who creates and collects physical & NFTart. She was invited to KMI Artist Residency in 2011, in Germany. She has a musical career as a vocalist as well. She performed as the main vocalist of a hard rock band, and also released her single album called ‘To’ in 2014. Now she expands her musical talents in NFT, by making audiovisual works reinterpreting her paintings and via collaborations with many artists in a wide musical realm.

Abstract Lights: For this collection, I drew abstract images using lines that emit light, objects that contain light, and everything we perceive as ‘light’. I hope this collection will bring more light to your daily life.
December In France was created to share with you the emotions, impressions, and changes in thoughts I experienced during a trip to various cities in France in December 2021. The twinkle of Christmas that filled France will continue every year and will last forever and at the same time will shine in my heart.