The Story

Angel Artists working together

It all started with a vision of the anonymous NFT collector CasperB. He saw the talent of the artists in the Meta Angels Discord and contacted some of them. He wanted to exhibit sophisticated NFT art in his virtual gallery to promote young emerging talents.

One of the first cooperation partners is Johannes from the HAUS HOPPE art team. Together with CasperB, he has written an article on the gallery software “On Cyber” to make it easier to get started. CasperB has kindly used the existing ⭐️ Discord ⭐️ to get into dialogue with all the angel artists and to engage in joint collaborations. This website has emerged from the collaboration. We also run regular Twitter Spaces.

In the NFT world, profile pictures that have been acquired as NFTs are very popular. Here you can see CasperB’s current avatar, of course it is a Meta Angel from Sarana.