jacknetic is a ghanaian artist and design director blending hand-made, traditional art techniques with digital mediums. she paints women in a fluid style and focuses on capturing major themes around innocence, seduction and mystery in her work.

water magic : follow the feathers to uncover old ghosts 〰🪶〰. fluid ladies with chill vibes, a watercolor collection 
children of muses : the sources of knowledge, poetry, science and art embodied through the muses. an airy collection.
you are the universe : inspired by the uniqueness of each person. It came like a revelation. We are not only a part of the Universe, each of us is the Universe. Each stage of work on the picture came into my mind like a flash. This art will help you to know your inner strength and potential.

🌐 https://opensea.io/collection/water-magic
🌐 https://opensea.io/collection/children-of-muses
🌐 https://foundation.app/@jacknetic