Aly: I’m making a 10k gen NFT project in 100 days, & documenting the process every step of the way.

Aly x 100 Day Project :
The Aly x 100 Day Project is 100 1/1 illustrations of girls. I created this collection to showcase the diversity and beauty of femininity, and explore themes of melancholia, fantasy, identity and belonging.
These NFTs act as my genesis collection and fundraiser for both my current project (aly x 100 day project) and my upcoming larger generative collection.
The 100 day project is my attempt to “show my work” as an artist and NFT creator. For 100 days, I am documenting the artistic and intellectual process of making a larger (5k-10k) generative collection on twitter.
Each NFT purchase not only directly supports my work, but will include perks and benefits upon completion of the 100 days.
The 100 day project is currently active, and runs 14 March 2022 – 22 June 2022.